Customer Service and guarantee.

We aim to provide reliable goods and services to all of our customers.
Our items are expected to give a reasonable life of use. However the inherent 'abuse' that some of these items may receive means that we are forced to offer only a limited guarantee on most items that we supply.

To that end please see the list of limitations opposite. These are expected to have been read and accepted by any purchaser and the placing of an order is deemed to be the acceptance of these limits.

These are not negotiable.

Please note that all sales are final. If you decide that you don't want the goods after purchase then we do not accept returns based on this. Either use them, give them away or sell them on Ebay. Who knows - you may get more than you paid for them at our prices!

Limitations of guarantee periods

C*ck rings

Non returnable in any circumstance

Puppy play dish

Faulty manufacture only - inspect on receipt

Decorative padlock

Faulty manufacture only - 30 days


Faulty manufacture only - 7 days


Faulty manufacture only - 30 days

Skull candle holder

No Guarantee applicable

Door straps

Faulty manufacture only - 30 days