Our Aim


The aim of Raspberry Crafts is to provide those in the BDSM lifestyle with items, toys, accessories and services which combine quality with reasonable cost.
Some items will have been specifically manufactured by us or for us whilst others will have been sourced elsewhere, enabling us to provide items and services at a competitive price


We are also happy to list other providers of scene items who we feel provide a value for money service. These may be large concerns or small, one person companies. The important point is that they must be better than average in the goods and services they provide. We look forward to receiving recommendations from customers since it's experience which makes for reputation.

We must point out that some items will be short run, and even one-off designs which, in the phraseology of the superstores will be sold on the basis of

"Once it's gone, it's gone!"

Just keep checking back for special offers and one-offs and the best in low cost bdsm accessories

For your information

Wherever possible costs are kept low by recycling. This applies specifically to leather products. We often purchase leather either in the format of belts or similar clothing items and reuse the leather in our own designs. This enables us to keep costs down and pass those on in the purchase price.